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Digital Doodle Planner FAQ

Product Questions

What is the Digital Doodle Planner?

The 2023 Digital Doodle Planner is a digital version of the Doodle Planner, our bestselling yearly planner-colouring book-journal hybrid, and has been completely optimized for the digital planning experience with hyperlinks to easily jump to different spreads. It also includes hundreds of bonus digital stickers to customize! There is hand-drawn art by AmandaRachLee in black and white on every page for you to colour in and add a little touch of creativity to daily life. It is compatible with any PDF annotation app, including GoodNotes and Notability, and also comes with a set of detailed instructions for digital planning beginners.

I'm new to digital planning. Will this planner be right for me?

Yes! The 2023 Digital Doodle Planner was made with all levels of digital planning experience in mind. Our layouts are based on physical planner spreads, so it will feel familiar to those who have used them before. For a video introduction, check out AmandaRachLee’s walkthrough video on YouTube. You will also receive a detailed set of instructions with your purchase!


Is it similar to the Doodle Planner?

The 2023 Digital Doodle Planner has the same monthly cover, calendar, weekly layout, and tracker spread layouts as the physical Doodle Planner. The yearly overview page has been configured into a main navigation index with clickable icons to quickly get to whichever monthly spread you like!

What’s different from the physical Doodle Planner?

The digital version has been re-designed with a navigation index and clickable side tabs for easy navigation. It also includes a new daily template and 785+ customizable digital stickers, trackers, icons, and labels for complete personalization!

Where can I find blank pages to create my own digital spreads

Blank page templates can be found in the Blank Page Inserts folder. Please make sure you’ve downloaded the latest files by clicking the link in the update email you received from us!

What are the themes?

The 2023 Digital Doodle Planner has many previously loved themes hand-drawn by AmandaRachLee such as houseplants, computer windows, groovy 60s, and more! Head to for the full list of themes featured in the planner.

Why are the themes the same as last year’s Doodle Planner?

The Digital Doodle Planner has been in development for a while as this is our first digital planner. The design process has been long because our team has carefully put the planner and its many new digital features through several rounds of testing to make it as good as it could be!

When will I get the download link for my digital planner?

The download link will be sent to you in a separate email shortly after completing your purchase! No need to wait for shipping :)

Can I return my 2023 Digital Doodle Planner?

Due to the nature of digital products, no refunds or exchanges can be issued. However, if you have any issues with your digital files, please contact us at

Can I share the Digital Doodle Planner with others?

All designs are for PERSONAL USE ONLY. It is prohibited to share, sell, alter, or replicate any of the files provided to you.


Device/App Compatibility

Is the planner compatible with Android? Is the Digital Doodle Planner compatible with all devices?

The Digital Doodle Planner is an interactive PDF file optimized to be used with GoodNotes, but it will work with most note taking or PDF annotation apps on both iOS and Android devices. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that it will work with every app or device.

Is the planner compatible with Android?

Yes! The planner is an interactive PDF file that works with any note taking or pdf annotation app! Many Android users find that the Digital Doodle Planner works well on Samsung Notes and Noteshelf.

I’m using my iPad, which app do you recommend for the Digital Doodle Planner?

The 2023 Digital Doodle Planner is compatible with any pdf annotation app, but it has been optimized for GoodNotes, which is the most popular app for digital planning!

I’m using my iPad, which app do you recommend for the Digital Doodle Planner? Do I have to pay for GoodNotes in order to use the Digital Doodle Planner?

You don’t have to pay for GoodNotes to use the Digital Doodle Planner. The free version of GoodNotes allows usage of up to 3 notebooks. The Digital Doodle Planner and Digital Stickerbook only count as 2.

Can I use the Digital Doodle Planner on my phone? Or my computer?

The 2023 Digital Doodle Planner can be used with any pdf annotation app, but to get the full experience we recommend using a tablet with a tablet stylus/ pen!

Does the Digital Doodle Planner allow cloud syncing?

As long as the app you are using has cloud syncing capabilities, the Digital Doodle Planner can sync across multiple devices!



The files won't download to my device. What should I do?

Please disable any VPN or antivirus software you have running, as this can often interfere with downloads, and then restart your device. Please also try downloading the files with a different browser. If possible, download the files to a computer then transfer them to your device. 

There are spelling errors on the January and May cover pages. Can these be fixed?

Yes! Look for the folder called “Corrections” in your download files. 2 PNG stickers are inside that you can place on top to correct the spelling issues. These can be resized to fit and coloured over just like any other sticker!

The front covers are importing very small. How do I import them to be the same size as the rest of the planner?

We’ve sent out an update email with cover files that will import as the right size. Please click the download link to get the new files!

Some weekly spreads are missing days at the end of the month. Where can I find them

As in our physical planner, the weeks at the end of one month that transition to the next month are sorted by the month that has the majority of the days in that week. In example, the 30th and 31st of October are in the first weekly spread in November!

The planner pages are taking awhile to load. What can I do to reduce lagginess?

Please make sure that both your device and app are up to date and running the latest version. The planner PDF is a relatively large file so please ensure that your device has enough memory available and close any memory-intensive programs in the background while using it. Individual pages with many added stickers and images may take longer to load, so test to see what is the optimal amount per page for your device in order to minimize lag as much as possible. If the app you are using allows cloud syncing, please wait for your Digital Doodle Planner to complete syncing before using it (this should only be an issue if you are opening it on a different device from when you were last using your planner).